Our program has been uniquely designed to develop confident and positive players in a FUN, SAFE, LEARNING environment.


Pure Tennis Academy’s Matchplay Development Program, is the second pillar to success for any tennis player, whether they are new to the sport or aspiring to play professionally.

The program allows for fun, while at the same time ensuring players improve their knowledge and skills to feel a vital sense of achievement.

It builds on the techniques learnt in our coaching lessons (Pillar 1) and provides the necessary framework for the tactics learnt in our squad lessons (Pillar 3) to create confidence and positive thought patterns in all players.

We believe parents are looking for a value-for-money program that accommodates both fun and learning for their child/ren. As such, we have designed this program to provide modified and progressive, skill-based development pathways for players from beginner levels to elite and is structured to deliver the benefits outlined here

Fun & Enjoyment

Recognition & Encouragement

Development & Progression


Clear Competition Pathway

Long-Term Participation



Our aim is to produce players that are not only driven, skilled and confident in their matchplay, but are also fair, courteous and respectful.

Pure Tennis Academy prides itself on setting the standard for ‘the SPIRIT of the game’ by using the following core values as the foundation of our Matchplay Development Program.


  • Use manners and compliments
  • Always shake hands
  • Be ready to play


  • Always try your best
  • Challenge yourself to improve and dream big
  • Never give up!


  • Be honest
  • Consider other’s feelings
  • Show good judgement


  • Show kindness
  • Listen attentively
  • Be considerate of matches and players


  • Show passion and be motivated
  • Lead by positive example
  • Support your club mates


  • Have a positive attitude
  • Know the rules and scores
  • Be fair and accepting



Each week over the course of the season there will be a main area of focus in our matchplay sessions. It is crucial that players learn, understand and implement certain rules, behaviours and strategies to develop their skills and SPIRIT!

With the following weekly themes, players will gain the knowledge they need to enjoy the sport of tennis for life and to develop enough confidence within themselves to play more competitively.

Players will learn and strengthen their knowledge of the rules of tennis and boundaries applicable to their development phase. A few examples of what we will cover are…

• What to do to start a match
• How does serving work and when to change ends
• What is in and out for different matchplay circumstances

Knowing where to position yourself and when to do so is vital! Players will learn court positioning applicable to all different scenarios they might find themselves in during a match. Some differing scenarios include…

• Where to stand as a receiver
• Where to move after hitting the ball
• How do these differ when playing doubles



Tennis is a year-round sport that we have split into a Winter and Summer season. Players are able to join the program at any time during the year as our main focus is on individual development rather than their result in the competition.

Weekly Matchplay: Players will compete in both singles and doubles matches against others of varying ages, abilities and stages of development. This variety is critical to the progression of every player as they get the chance to grow their skill sets in all areas of matchplay.

Finals: Over the course of each season, players will establish a ranking that will decide the participants in our end of season finals series. We will run a knockout event on our ‘Finals Day’ to determine our Singles and Doubles Champions and will celebrate the achievements of all MDP players, including our ‘Excellence Award’ winners.