Pure Tennis Academy

What is Yoga?

Yoga means UNION.
UNION between your light and the light of the universe.


Igniting your inner power and finding inner peace
A merging of breath and movement
Understanding the Self

How do we learn?

PRANAYAMAS (breathing techniques)
ÁSANAS (poses)
PRATYAHARA (control of the senses)
DHARANA (concentration)
DHYANA (meditation) and
SAMADHI (awareness of the present moment – enlightment)

Your Invitation

Join us for your free trail, classes starting June 20th at Pure Tennis Academy to find out what Yoga is all about.

WHEN: Starting June 20th

TIME: 8am - 9:am

WHERE: Pure Tennis Ferny Hills,

144 Samford Rd, Ferny Hills

COST: First lesson free! $20 per class $150 for 10 classes.

BRING: Towel and/or Yoga Mat

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